Internetpräsentation Studierendenwerk Trier, Anstalt des öffentlichen Rechts (AöR)


AST - Anruf-Sammel-Taxi
It replaces the normal bus traffic in times when the busses are not used to capacity. Therefore the AST only travels to the bus stops and at the times listed in the schedule.

Students who show their student card only had to pay the additional rate of 2,50 Euro each time.

VRT - Verkehrsregion Trier
Timetable information, route map of  Trier, personal schedule and much more.

Schülermonatskarte (also available for students)

For students without immatrikulation in Trier.

Only order - and pay - once and travel for 12 months between two places inside the Verkehrsregion Trier as often as you want.
Most of the time the Schülermonatskarte is profitable with more than 10 rides each month.

Student rate makes it low in price.

Free public transport in Luxembourg since 01.03.2020

Since the 1st of March 2020 public transport in Luxembourg up to the frontiers is free of charge.


As before, if you use the bus lines of dbicbus, Emile Weber, flibco or flixbus, you have to pay a fare for the part of the route located in Germany. Please enquire about the price yourself.


Long-distance busses with bus stop in Trier (effective: 10.02.2020)

  • Flibco
    Metz FR, Thionville FR, Luxembourg LU, Trier, Frankfurt Main Airport, Frankfurt am Main
  • Flixbus
    Amsterdam, Berlin, Bratislava, Brüssel, Budapest, Luxembourg, München, Paris, Prag, Trier, Wien
  • IC Bus (DB)
    Luxembourg LU, Trier, Flughafen Hahn, Mainz, Flughafen Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main